Twerking On

Legit Meetup #1 A gathering of like minds discussing how failure can lead to success.

APRIL 1 2015


Totally Legit Corp. is a collection of engineers, hackers, and artists that have joined to work on projects they otherwise could not do for a day job. (Well not yet at least.) We have a variety of backgrounds including frontend design, user experience, cat wrangling, and backend engineering.

We are people with real jobs and no jobs that are working on creative projects for fun. Totally Legit Corp. is sort of a social club meets angel investment fund meets coworking space.

Totally Legit Corp. is not hiring. We are building a network of like-minded individuals via guerilla hiring strategies. This so far has involved meetups, unsolicited GIF battles over Twitter, and "real job" interview hijacking.


Brooklyn, NY — [email protected]@totallylegitbizCareers